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Anger Over Video of Woman's 'Soul Leaving Her Body' After Fatal Crash

Someone has sought to use a motorist's gruesome death to prove the existence of ghosts.

A motorist has been killed in a tragic car accident and some sicko has sought to take advantage of the gruesome death by making a viral video.
Footage of a fatal motorbike accident is doing the rounds on the internet today with ghost hunters saying they can see a soul leaving the body of a dead motorist.
The grainy footage was taken following a collision between a truck and a motorbike and within it there is a shadowy figure above the person who has just died.
The accident happened in Thailand and the video, uploaded by Youtube user Sutannaraj Suwannatada, has garnered hundreds of thousands of views in the short time it’s been online.
While many a revelling in the “proof” of ghosts there are sceptics who say the poorly doctored footage is a type of forgery that is totally "disrespectful" to the dead person.
One commenter said: "Making false videos about people dying is not pretty nor surprising, but disrespectful."
Sadly, these kinds of videos and photos of the dead are common online.
Earlier this year Kentucky truck driver Saul Vazquez posted a viral photo on social media with people claiming it shows a man's soul leaving his body. The man was not dead at the scene but was rushed to hospital where he was unable to be revived.
Mr Vazquez has always denied any photoshopping and with over 15 thousand shares many people believe that the eerie shadow is a spirit.
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