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Fertility clinic embryos destroyed during SA storm

Families have been left distressed at their loss

South Australia’s power blackouts have destroyed embryos at Flinders Fertilityin Adelaide, leaving families heartbroken by their loss.
As anyone who has undergone IVF knows, creating embryos is not an easy process and couples go through a lot of physical and mental stress just trying to get a viable embryo for implantation.
Apparently the embryos that were destroyed at the private fertility clinic when a generator at Adelaide public hospital Flinders Medical Centre, where the clinic is based, didn't kick in during the balckout. These embryos were apparently being prepared for transfer.
SA Health Minister Jack Snelling revealed on ABC 891 radio in Adelaide that about a dozen patients were thought to have been affected, and their embryos were now unviable.
While hospitals do have a back-up power source, the one at Flinders did not immediately kick in, and this short but crucial period without power means that the embryos, which were ready to be implanted, are no longer able to be used.
In a statement issued by Flinders Fertility, the clinic called the situation “devastating” and expressed their deepest sympathies to the families, saying:
“Despite every effort by our scientists, the embryos are no longer viable.
“This is a devastating situation for our parents, and very distressing for our staff.
“Flinders Fertility doctors have contacted patients directly, and individual support and counselling is being provided.”
They also added that families will be given priority for further treatment and there will be no further costs to repeat fertility cycles.
This week’s storms have caused disruption in South Australia, with the entire state left without power on Wednesday night, and wind gusts of up to 120km/h on Kangaroo Island. There are now concerns as water levels rise and swollen rivers burst their banks.

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