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Doctor called it a tantrum, but it was cancer

A Perth family is left reeling after a shockingly incorrect diagnoses on their daughter.

A Perth mother got two professional opinions on her child’s sudden mobility regression and when those doctors dismissed her, she got a third opinion and discovered her baby actually had cancer reports Daily Mail.
When Naomi Holly’s eight-month-old baby, Nora, suddenly couldn’t stand or crawl properly, she took her straight to hospital where a doctor told her daughter was “misbehaving.”
A second doctor put a cast on her leg suspecting a fracture after something “suspicious” showed up in an x-ray, and they were told to give her Nurofen for a week.
But Naomi’s maternal instinct told her that something was seriously wrong with Nora, and she took her to another hospital a few days later where a cancerous tumour that was constricting 85 percent of her spine was found.
Nora started chemotherapy immediately and the family is reeling.
“We are just struggling a bit after the first load of chemo,” said Nora’s father, Hannan Holly.
“We have a whole lot of tests in the next couple of days – we will have more information as we get those results back.”
The baby girl has regained some movement since treatment began but it is too soon to know a prognosis.
It is reported that the St John of God hospital director, Dr Lachlan Henderson said staff "undertook investigations based on the clinical presentation of the infant at the time" and that "the hospital undertakes a review of its processes for all unexpected clinical outcomes, and will do so on this occasion".

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