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Cigarette prices to double

Would paying double deter your smoking habit?

Horrific images of gangrenous limbs or rotting teeth is not discouraging the last of the die-hard smokers, neither is not displaying cigarettes in shops but perhaps hitting them where it hurts the most will make the change?
The cost of a packet of cigarettes is set to double by 2020 if Labor wins government under a new plan to deter smoking.
The tobacco excise will continue to increase by four 12.5% increases from July 1, 2017 if the opposition wins the next federal election, which will align our policies with countries such as France, The UK and New Zealand which sees 75% of the cost of a packet is tax.
Under the current policy a packet of 25 cigarettes that currently costs $24.69 will only raise to $29.91 by 2020, whereas under the proposed Labor policy they will be up to $40.80.
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said more needed to be done to reduce the "unacceptably" high levels of smoking, with 2.5 million Australians smoking daily according to Nine News.
"It's a drain on the health system and a drag on the economy," he said.
"Ask any parent who smokes whether they want their kids to start smoking as well and of course they'll say no," Mr Shorten said.
"I want to stop young people taking up smoking and I want more people to quit smoking.
"Malcolm Turnbull's Liberals want to increase the GST and the cost of everything, including fresh food, school fees and going to the doctor."
The 2013 National Drug Strategy Survey report says the rate of smoking has dropped significantly in the last 20 years down to 13.3% in adults (18 years and over), but still every year it kills 15,000 people and costs Australia $31.5 billion per year.

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