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Update: Police have ruled out possibility of third person involvement in Gold Coast deaths

Shelsea Schilling and Bronson Ellery were found dead in his Gold Coast unit.

By Lorna Gray
Update 15/11:
Police are NOT looking for a killer at large in their investigations into the deaths of Shelsea Schilling and Bronson Ellery as previously thought.
Speaking on Tuesday afternoon, officers from the Gold Coast Criminal Investigation Branch said police were not looking for third party involvement. They also confirmed a note was found at the crime scene.
At the time of their deaths, Bronson Ellery was the subject of a domestic violence order taken out by Shelsea, who is also his ex-girlfriend.
Original story 14/11:
Police are reportedly treating the deaths of 20-year-old Shelsea Schilling and her ex-boyfriend Bronson Ellery as suspicious and not a murder-suicide.
While police have refused to formally comment as investigations continue, sources have told the Gold Coast Bulletin the deaths were now both being treated as suspicious.
Shelsea’s mother, Bonnie Markwell Mobbs, reported her daughter missing before she was found dead in Bronson’s Gold Coast unit.
She posted a desperate plea on Facebook after family and friends weren’t able to contact her.
Her mother also posted a lengthy poem Shelsea wrote called ‘For Bronson’ which is extremely chilling.
A friend of Bronson’s told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “He went off the grid to his mates, then she went missing, then they both end up dead. It’s not right. This is sounding more like revenge or a hit type of death and she got in the way maybe and they took out a witness. It doesn’t add up.”
Former Bandido bikie associate Bronson Ellery was known for his heavily tattooed face and had been in and out of jail the past few years.
Apparently he’d been seen out and about with Shelsea the past couple of weeks.
A post mortem will be carried out today.
The investigation is ongoing.

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