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Smoking cigarettes and having BBQs on NSW appartment balconies to be banned

Are you impressed or outraged?

NSW residents living in flats might soon be banned from smoking cigarettes and having BBQs on their balconies when new strata laws come into effect on November 30.
The new set regulations - which reportedly include more than 90 alterations to current strata law - will impact the two million-plus people in NSW who own, rent or manage apartments.
One of the reforms will see it much easier for people to complain about their neighbour's cigarette or barbecue smoke blowing into their apartments.
The new laws will only impact complexes that choose to adopt the regulations and those managing the building could reach a compromise by setting up smoking zones away from the common areas.
Penalties for tenants ignoring complaints have reportedly been upped as well to a maximum of $1100 for the first offence, and $2200 for the second. Also, the fines will go directly to the owners corp rather than the government, so there’s further motivation for committees to chase up repeat offenders.
As well as the smoking laws, another key amendment is the ‘collective sales’ powers. Previously one veto vote in a building’s body corporate could quash plans to demolish a building or renovate to add value to a complex. It’s now been moved to a 75 per cent majority so no single vote can hold off proposed development.

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