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Melbourne mum films shoppers grabbing baby formula like it’s going out of fashion

The formula hadn't even made it to onto Coles shelves yet.
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The phrase ‘selling like hotcakes’ certainly springs to mind when it comes to this supermarket baby formula frenzy. A disgruntled mum from Melbourne has posted footage of the moment Coles shoppers grabbed tins that hadn’t even been stacked on shelves yet.

Hannah Dixon filmed the flurry of people queuing behind a trolley of formula at the Bridge Road supermarket in Richmond before filling their baskets.

Ms Dixon can be heard telling at least a dozen customers they’re “wrong” and “cheating the system” (you can watch above).

She then posted the video along with the following public complaint to Coles’ Facebook page:

“All these people were running through the supermarket. Going through the checkout and coming straight back over and over again. I talked to other workers in the area and they’ve said that these people do it all the time — almost barrelling other customers over in the process.”

“I understand it’s legally allowed,” she continued. “However surely there should be a limit on how many they can purchase in a given time frame.

“What happened today and many other days is just ridiculous.”

A spokesperson for the supermarket responded on her post:

“As we are currently experiencing unprecedented demand, we are limiting sales quantities to four units per customer. We’re continuing our work to ensure our policies are strictly adhered to store to store.”

What do you think – should there be tighter restrictions on buying baby formula in place?

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