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Australia's oldest intern says he has "best job" ever

78-years-young and having a career change.

While many people are looking forward to kicking back in retirement, 78-year-old Ken Holmes decided to return to work after two years off as he was sick of sitting around at home reports 9News.
“I got tired of talking to a cat and dog at home ‘cause they won’t talk back to me,” he joked on the TODAY Show this morning. “They’re very good company but they don’t want to talk back.”
Ken has taken an internship as an administrative assistant at Mercy Place Aged Care in Parkville, Victoria.
He says he’s enjoying the work and even described it as “one of the best jobs he’s ever had.”
“It’s quite interesting and it shows a different way of the way the world works in aged-care,” he said.
To the amusement of the morning programs hosts, Ken explained that he hadn’t yet told his children about his new job.
“They can read about it in the paper tomorrow,” he said, after admitting he wasn’t sure how they would react.
“One of the main comments will be “you should be looking for a bed in a nursing home, not working in one.”
"I’m too young to go into a nursing home,” he said.
The 78-year-young gentleman said he knew his late wife would have supported decision to keep working.
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