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Aussie tourists are being tricked into eating dog meat in Bali says damning report

The investigation found the dogs were being brutally captured, butchered then ‘passed off as chicken satay’.

By Lorna Gray
Warning: Distressing content
An extremely disturbing investigation has found Australian tourists are being fed dog meat by vendors who are masquerading the meat as chicken in Bali.
Moreover, the dogs are being brutally captured and killed in order to supply the meat.
The ABC’s 7:30 program reveals this distressing discovery was made by an investigation led by Animals Australia (AA).
A man known only as ‘Luke’ in order to protect his identity went undercover for four months and said the animal cruelty he witnessed was deplorable, with the animals being violently captured then beaten to death with metal poles.
In addition to being bludgeoned or strangled to death, he found the dogs are also being poisoned with cyanide – which can also affect humans consuming the meat as it’s highly poisonous.
“Cyanide is not going to be destroyed by cooking,” Doctor Andrew Dawson told ABC’s 7:30. “So there will be cyanide throughout the dog’s body. The actual risk depends upon how much poison is in the dog meat.”
A street vendor in Seminyak admits he’s selling dog to Luke, clearly stating “dog satay” when asked what he’s selling.
But the vendor knows better than to tell tourists what they’re really eating, as demonstrated when a group of Australians unwittingly eat the ‘dog satay’ thinking it’s chicken.
"Dog meat is essentially filtering into the tourist food chain [in Bali]," Animals Australia's campaign director Lyn White said.
She also clarified that eating dog meat is not actually illegal in Bali but killing animals cruelly or eating meat contaminated with poison is against the law.
Animals Australia’s investigation into Bali’s hidden dog meat trade is on ABC’s 7.30 tonight.