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Adele visits victims of London fire less than 24 hours after blaze kills at least 12

The singer attended the vigil and asked "if anyone needed help".

By Kate Wagner
Adele continues to cement her place as real life angel after rushing to visit the Grenfell Tower victims less than 24 hours after the horrific blaze took their homes.
The humble singer was photographed by surprised mourners while she hugged and comforted those affected by the fire.
Alongside with her family, Adele visited a nearby vigil for the dead and missing, reportedly “asking if anyone needed help”.
Dressed in a black robe-like dress, one witness likened it to an Abaya – a garment worn by some Muslim women.
“I guess that’s why she was dressed in an Abaya to blend in as a lot of the ppl around were in one,” they said.

The witness declined to speak to media outlets, requests explaining, “There’s nothing to talk about, she’s a beautiful soul that just wanted to see if everyone was alright.”
Other stars reached out with support for those affected by the “unprecedented” fire.
Rita Ora, who grew up a stone’s throw from the blaze, was shattered by the blaze in her “neighbourhood”.

Similarly, near-by resident Lily Allen offered a “bed, lift or tea” to those who needed it while live-tweeting the event.
Although there are twelve confirmed deaths, police are estimating the death toll to rise with many who live in the building still missing.
Residents were left trapped on the upper floors while flames quickly ascended up the block after being told to stay in their homes and “put a wet towel down by the door”.
In the aftermath, details are painting the building as woefully underprepared in the event of a fire, including only one set of stairs for 120 flats over 24 floors.