Mother-in-law walks in on ‘bedroom time’ then posts about it on Facebook

Funny or inappropriate? How would you deal with this?

Our relationships with our mother-in-laws (MILs) are often warped with jealousy and misunderstanding.

A Psychologist at the University of Cambridge studied the relationships between in-laws and found that over half from both sides of the divide found it difficult to connect, with the relationship being “tense, uneasy and uncomfortable.”

So would joking about an awkward encounter make the relationship better, or worse?

In the case of Reddit user tiny_hearts, her MIL made things much worse.

Tiny_hearts asked the internet for advice after her MIL caught her and her husband in a ahhh.. ‘bedroom act,’ and then proceeded to joke about the experience on Facebook.

Two for the price of one.

“My MIL is a nice person,” the Reddit user begins.

“We get along well but she’s very open about pretty much everything, while I’m more reserved and shy, especially when it comes to personal matters. She finds it funny to talk about things I would consider inappropriate in mixed company and often ‘reminds’ people she has ‘no filter’.”

“She frequently overshares but until now it never affected me so I haven’t said anything,” she continues.

“Last night she and my father-in-law (FIL) let themselves into our house while I was going down on my husband. She screamed, then laughed, and turned to FIL (who had asked what was wrong) and said ‘[husband’s name] is getting a blowjob!’ followed by more laughter and then ‘sorry, we’ll go.’ I heard FIL say something like ‘Jesus Christ, [MIL’s name].’ I was frozen and completely mortified. My husband got up and followed them outside.

“My FIL had sent a text but he didn’t hear the notification. I was still embarrassed but it was a mistake (and they left right away). I decided it was best for everyone to try to get over it.

“So, I logged on to Facebook this morning and the second post I saw was from MIL referencing the incident from Saturday night. It read:

“learned the hard way to always KNOCK first… but at least [FIL] and I know our son is VERY well taken care of.. (laughing-crying emoji)”

Over 20 people reacted to this message and while Tiny_heart’s husband found the situation funny – tiny_heart did not.

“My husband and sent her a text asking she take it down. It was deleted a few hours later but I’m sure most of their family saw it,” she said.

“Should I ask my husband to talk to her in more detail?”

“Do you think I should reach out to her? If so, how should I approach the conversation to ensure she takes me seriously without being rude or disrespectful?”

Let us know below what you think.

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