5 fun first date ideas: how to date when you're over 40

No matter what your style, you'll love these first date ideas.

By Holly Royce
Sure, the movies or dinner are tried, true and fabulous - but if you're looking for new, fun first date ideas, these suggestions are sure to keep you busy.
These ideas have all been submitted by real people over 40-years-old on internet forum, Reddit.
First date ideas are perfect if you've been out of the dating scene for a while.
Take a look at the list below and pick your date activity - then all that's left if planning your first date outfit.


I like bowling. I think ink it's nice because it's still physical yet relaxed - and if there is an awkward moment you can get up and toss a ball.
One of the best qualities in a partner is the ability to not take themselves too seriously and have a good time in weird situations. An awkward game of bowling would bring that quality out right away, or showcase a lack of it.
"we both love coffee? It's a match made in heaven!"

A simple coffee

If you don't know the person well, coffee is a good idea because it's cheap and easy to leave if it's not working out so well.

A brewery or a winery

I like a brewery or a winery.
You can try different craft beers, and if things are going well, grab dinner. If things are not going well, you duck out after one beer. Too easy!

Museums are perfect

Museums are good because you can chat and joke but also talk about the art which actually gives good insight into the other person's tastes and thoughts.
These sorts of dates also lead naturally into a dinner invitation if things are going really well.

Head to the Zoo

My boyfriend and I went to the zoo for our first date. It was pretty fun.
The zoo is the best early date. If you struggle to find stuff to talk about, there's something to DO and spark conversation. If you get along well, it's a lot of walking and talking.