Bride left an empty seat for her dead son, was shocked to see it filled by man carrying his heart

This bride got the surprise of her life and it may be one of these most beautiful things we have ever seen.

Do you have tissues ready? If not, get some before you read on.

Love Adventures, a photography Facebook page based in Alaska shared a story so moving it will manage to bring even the stoniest among us to tears.

Becky made a beautiful bride, and her wedding was set to be a perfect day.

She and soon-to-be husband Kelly Turney decided to leave a seat empty in honour of Becky’s son Tristion, who passed away at the very young age of 19.

The seat held a sign with the following message:

I am in heaven for your wedding day so what shall I do?

I’ll come down to earth to spend it with you

So save me a seat just one empty chair

You may not see me

but I will be there

That alone is a beautiful and moving story, but things are about to pick up a notch.

Triston, Becky’s son, was an organ donor and the man who now carries his heart arrived at the wedding ceremony to meet Becky for the first time.

It was all organised by the Kelly, the Groom, as a surprise for Becky and by the looks of these photos it was certainly that.

“I knew about this surprise but nothing prepares you for the beauty of this moment,” explains the original post from the Love Adventured photography page.

“I met a man named Jacob Kilby yesterday who is alive because of a heart transplant received from this brides son, Triston. Her son couldn’t be here for the wedding day but Becky’s groom Kelly Turney , surprised her by flying Jacob up to Alaska to stand in as a groomsmen, carrying Triston’s heart.”

“Kelly stopped the ceremony to introduce Jacob to Becky for the first time.”

“Everyone was so moved by this and I had to share this amazing story. I had the pleasure of hearing Jacob share his gratitude and plans for a heart healthy life to Triston’s sister before the ceremony. I am so blown away by his story and his amazing outlook on life. You couldn’t ask for a better recipient to receive such a gift.”

On her Facebook page Becky explains she is overwhelmed with how far the story has travelled, and in the long list of people of she thanks she includes Jacob.

“Jacob…. hands down the best gift … most amazing surprise ever!! Thank you for caring for Triston’s heart. Thank you for being here! Thank you thank you thank you!”

Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye.

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