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Meet the couple who broadcast their fights on Twitter

Claire Meyer and Alan Linic have been tweeting their fights for months. Photo: Twitter.

Claire Meyer and Alan Linic, a twenty-something couple from Chicago, have been publicly recording their fights on Twitter for the past three and half months.

The couple created a shared twitter account titled ‘We Fought About’ which lists their every argument.

And while they say their relationship is “going really well”, so far there have been 85 tweets since they created the account in August.

That’s an average of six arguments of a week.

Though, looking through each of their tweets, their quarrels seem more mundane than malicious.

Here are some of their recent tweets:

  • Claire realized it was one of her ex’s birthdays today, but she forgot when mine is.
  • Alan went on a lovely sushi dinner on our 8 month-iversary. I was not invited.
  • Alan forgot a decision we made and got mad at me for “not telling him about it”.
  • Alan found an ex-girlfriend’s hair while unpacking.
  • Alan told me I wasn’t a good singer.
  • We created a relationship rule and then Claire broke it two hours later.

In today’s technology driven world, documenting our personal lives online is becoming increasingly normal.  But even a project such as this seems a little odd.

Though the concise nature of Twitter, which limits tweets to 140 characters, means there is little room to go into specifics the detail of the couple’s personal lives are kept fairly vague.

“We thought our fights were just ridiculous and way too bizarre and that’s why we started it,” Claire told NY Magazine.

But despite Claire and Alan’s arguments lacking any scandalous or intimate details, their disputes strike a familiar chord with their some 10,000 followers

“We kept hearing the same feedback of, ‘This is exactly what we go through.’ … It actually has made me feel like more of a sane girlfriend.”

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