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This is the sweet spot when it comes to how long sex should last

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Have you ever wondered how long sex should last? In pop culture, musicians croon of passionate sex that ‘shook me all night long’. But is that what men and women really want? A long, hot and steamy night between the sheets…every single time?

A survey taken by adult dating site Saucy Dates asked 3,836 men and women from different countries, how long they would like sexual intercourse to last.

The study revealed that on average women wanted to enjoy sexual intercourse (not including foreplay) for 25 minutes and 51 seconds, while for men, it was 25 minutes and 43 seconds.

It seems men and women are on the same page with this one, but are we actually reaching that 25 minute-long sweet spot?

The study identified a trend in intercourse where duration increased with age and then later decreased.

The survey asked men and women, ‘The last time you had sex (intercourse, NOT foreplay), how long did it last?’ to determine if we’re fulfilling the desired romp duration.

But, unfortunately we’re not lasting the distance. The average man in any country and of any age cannot get close to his or hers ideal duration, peaking at 16 minutes. And while there will be some exceptions that do, on the whole, lovers across the globe are left disappointed.

However, there is some good news for Australian blokes (and ladies!) who came out on top of the international average for intercourse duration, with Aussie men aged over 45 the best performers in the world.

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