This man built his French bulldog a mini-room all of his own

This guys definitely wins the best owner ever award.

You think your dog is spoiled?

To be honest, it probably is – but you’ve still got nothing on this Californian man and his best doggy pal.

The Californian man built his French bulldog a house that would put most of our apartments to shame.

Chris is the brother of the dog-loving man in question. He took to Twitter to share his disbelief over the effort his brother had gone to for his elite pupper.

“My brother built his dog a separate room in his house,” he tweeted.

The room is complete with tiny baseboards, mini portraits and a light, which Chris explains is a sensor light and turns off when the dog lays down.

Yep, easily better than my apartment.

The reactions to the dog’s new room are just as wonderful as the fact this room was built at all.

Now that, folks, is what we call pet ownership at in its most pure form.

All dogs deserve to be treated just like this, we are all blessed for having them in our lives.

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