A man has been arrested after shooting a labradoodle in the head with a spear gun

A horribly sad turn of events lead the dog's state.

By Holly Royce
In what an absolutely repulsive turn of events, a man has been arrested for allegedly shooting his neighbour's dog in the head with a spear gun in Woy Woy.
The dog, a labradoodle, was rushed to a local vet and underwent emergency surgery. There is no word on the dog's current condition.
Reports state the 45-year-old man was in dispute with his neighbour, which at first led to the dog being hit over the head.
As the argument escalated, the man apparently became trapped between a garage and a fence, leading to the firing of a spear gun which then hit the dog in the head.
The Woy Woy man was taken to Gosford Police Station and has since been indicted for committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal and was refused bail.
The man was also charged with firing a spear gun in a manner likely to injure person/property and break and enter a house with intent to steal and could face jail time.
The 'devastated' pug owner pleaded guilty in court to making up a robbery.
This time last year we were met with similarly devastating news when Egg, a 14-week-old pug, was stolen at knifepoint in Sydney.
The story was later debunked and his owner was charged with reporting a false armed robbery.
Police later confirmed Egg had died with owner Qiushi Xia, 29, stating the pup had choked on a dog treat however there was mystery surrounding what happened to his body.
His owner confessed in Burwood Local Court that he dumped Egg's body in Sydney's Parramatta River, and made up the robbery to cover his tracks - which he pleaded guilty to in court.
The court also heard this isn't the first dog Xia and his girlfriend have owned who has died. A few months before getting Egg the couple owned Pepper, another pug, who died when she choked on a toy.
"I don't want my girlfriend to find out about her dog's death cause he's the second dog I've lost," Xia told 7News.
"I did all this to cover the fact that our dog died."
Xia was sentenced to jail time.