Egg the pug's owner finally admits what happened to the poor soul

The 'devastated' pug owner pleaded guilty in court to making up a robbery.

By Amber Elias
UPDATE 6/4: In February we reported Egg, a 14-week-old pug, had been stolen at knifepoint in Sydney however the story was later debunked and his owner was charged with reporting a false armed robbery. Police later confirmed Egg had died with owner Qiushi Xia, 29, stating the pup had choked on a dog treat however there was mystery surrounding what happened to his body.
Now we have answers, with his owner confessing in Burwood Local Court today (Thursday, April 6) that he dumped Egg's body in Sydney's Parramatta River, and made up the robbery to cover his tracks - which he pleaded guilty to in court.
The court also heard this isn't the first dog Xia and his girlfriend have owned who has died. A few months before getting Egg the couple owned Pepper, another pug, who died when she choked on a toy.
"I don’t want my girlfriend to find out about her dog’s death cause he’s the second dog I’ve lost," Xia told 7News.
"I did all this to cover the fact that our dog died."
Xia will face court again next week and could face jail time.
UPDATE 10/2: The owner of Egg the pug has been charged with allegedly making the armed robbery up.
On February 2, we reported that Egg, a 14-week-old pug, had been taken from his owner by three thieves at Sydney's Olympic Park. At knifepoint.
His owner was reportedly too devastated to speak to media about the robbery but police were investigating the upsetting incident and Australia got behind the man, a #FindEgg hashtag soon flooding social media.
However, ongoing police investigations revealed inconsistencies in the story and the 29-year-old was last night charged by officers from the Flemington Local Area Command for allegedly reporting a false armed robbery.
The man has been issued a future court attendance notice for false representation resulting in police investigation.
Worryingly, a police spokesman said the whereabouts of Egg is still unknown.
Don't even bother worrying about having your purse stolen, thieves now want your dog.
A Sydney man was robbed at knife point by three men at 10.30pm last night (Thursday, February 1) at Sydney's Olympic Park, who demanded his wallet and backpack, and yep his 14-week-old pug, Egg.
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Police are asking for the safe return of Egg (we don't care about his owner's wallet or backpack either) who's black, with floppy ears and large puppy dog eyes. He was last seen wearing a red collar.
With the average price of a new Pug puppy around $2000, Egg might have been the most valuable thing this man had on him.
Flemington Police Detective Inspector Paul Arnold called a media press conference this morning to call for Egg’s immediate return. He said Egg's owner is “extremely distraught” and the safe return of the puppy was a high priority.
“We don’t expect these persons to turn up to a police station with the dog, however we would be asking them to attend the RSPCA or an animal shelter to drop off the pug.”
Detective Inspector Arnold added the thieves could call Crime Stoppers to give instructions on where the police can find Egg.
At only 14 weeks old, Egg has found himself the victim of crime.
Police are particularly concerned about the Egg's safety, with temperatures set to reach an extreme 40 degrees today and his black fur a magnet for heat.
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^ Us.
We can only hope Egg is returned safely to his rightful owner. #PrayForEgg
Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page. Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence.