Luckiest dog in the world is rescued after suffering a heroin overdose

Yes, you read right - this poor pup endured what many would consider to be their worst nightmare.

By Amber Elias
When a Carrollton Police Department officer found three-month old Lucky, this puppy was beyond sick and distressed. The police had been called to arrest two men at a department store, and after searching their car, they made a devastating discovery.
One officer found heroin in the vehicle, and next to the drugs was sweet, little Lucky, who had appeared to have ingested the illegal substance and consequentially overdosed.
"He was extremely lethargic — almost comatose — and was basically limp," Jolene DeVito, police media specialist with the Carrollton Police Department, told The Dodo.
The puppy was immediately taken to North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic for medical treatment. Lucky was tested for opioid overdose, and when the tests came back positive, medical staff "administered a dose of a medication called Narcan that is a reversal for opioid overdose," Dr Stacie Fowler of the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic said.
"He responded very positively with improved mentation (more alert) and improved breathing and heart rate. After about 24 hours, Lucky had returned to normal. He had a few fleas but otherwise seemed healthy."
After Lucky returned to his upbeat self, he was transferred to the Carrollton Animal Services shelter, where he enjoyed playing with the staff. "Lucky is a typical Chihuahua puppy," said Angela Shaw of Carrollton Animal Services. "A little dog who thinks he is the size of a German shepherd. He is happy to meet new people and nip their noses."
Due to popular demand, the adoption process for Lucky was made into a lottery for the community, who had expressed their support and love for the pup. Potential pet-parents were given the opportunity to meet and play with Lucky before the lottery was drawn. One little girl who arrived with her grandparents, made such a connection with Lucky that the real winner couldn't bear to part the dog and the girl, and surrendered his winning ticket.
"There was a gentleman who actually won the lottery drawing but didn't want to take the puppy from the little girl," Shaw said. "So he quietly gave the ticket back and slipped out the door. She was very excited about her new puppy."
This is one pup who is lucky by name and lucky by nature.