It’s really happening: The Bondi Vet replacement finalists have been announced

So long, Dr Chris Brown.

By Amber Manto
No-one will ever really replace Dr Chris Brown as the Bondi Vet in our eyes but alas we will have to accept this is happening. Back in March it was announced he’d be leaving the show to focus on his commitments to The Living Room and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and we, along with the rest of Australia, were none too happy about it.
But c'est la vie.

^ So long, buddy.
In order to soften the blow and find a suitable replacement Australia would be happy with, WTFN Entertainment - the creators of Bondi Vet - decided to leave the fate of the show to the public. It announced it would run a competition where vets around the country could be nominated to be the new star of Bondi Vet.
Fast-forward a couple months and from 400 entries the best 50 nominees have been plucked from obscurity with their fate once again left up to the public. Their profiles, including video entries, are currently gracing the Bondi Vet website so the public can vote for their favourite. However this vote will only go toward one of the Top 5 finalists. In other words, ultimately WTFN Entertainment will decide who will be the new star.
The 50 finalists, both female and male, are from all over the country and WTFN Entertainment has stated on Facebook the show might not be set in Bondi in the future if the “right person” is secured.
Yeah right.
"The race is getting really exciting. The quality of vets in our final 50 is incredible" said WTFN Director of Content, Steve Oemcke, in a statement. "We encourage Bondi Vet fans and all animal lovers to jump online and keep supporting their favourite vet. Who knows? They could become Australia's newest TV star."
The leaderboard, which is updated hourly, currently features Perth vet Peter Ricci in the top spot, followed by Victorian vet Claire Madden (who you may remember from the 2006 series of Big Brother) with NSW's Dr Tanya Caltabiano rounding out the top 3.
As it currently stands at 12pm on May 31st.
These 50 finalists will eventually be whittled down to five vets with the winner announced in early August.
You can cast your vote here.