Bondi Vet is being recast and yes, that means Dr Chris Brown is not coming back

Weeping into our pet’s fur as we speak.

By Amber Manto
In what could possibly be the saddest news for animal lovers around the country other than your pet crossing the rainbow bridge, Dr Chris Brown will not be returning for the next season of Bondi Vet.
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Instead, recasting is occurring right now and WTFN Entertainment, the creators of the show, is scouring the country for his replacement.
Yeah that's right, the new vet won't even be a Bondi native. Oh the lies! These are the sorts of things that give us trust issues.
“Unfortunately Dr Chris Brown won’t be on the show in the future because he is too busy with his commitments as co-host on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and as a travel reporter on The Living Room,” Steve Oemcke, WTFN’s Director of Content, said in a statement.

“During eight seasons on Bondi Vet, Chris has certainly set the standard for TV vets, so the new Bondi Vet has very big shoes to fill.”
Sorry but we all know Dr Chris is irreplaceable.

^ Memories.
Good news is we will all be able to have a say in who the next star of the show will be.“We are going to collect nominations at and then as part of the selection process we will give the public the opportunity to vote for the person they think should be the next Bondi Vet.”
“Ideally our national search will find the person who will help us to continue to tell great animals stories for the next decade and beyond.”
But it’s not all sad news. Dr Chris’ veterinarian sidekick Dr Lisa Chimes is getting her own show, Dr Lisa to the Rescue, which will air on Channel Nine from July.

Channel Ten is yet to confirm when Bondi Vet will be back on our screens this year but in the meantime at least we can watch the last eight seasons on repeat and cuddle our cat/dog.