Zoë Foster-Blake’s woes of living with a newborn is a breath of not-so-fresh air

The mum-of-two shares her survival tips.
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Our favourite couple, Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake, recently welcomed their first daughter, Rudy Hazel, into the world and she is every bit as adorable as her big bro Sonny.

Living with a newborn is no easy feat though, as proud (albeit sleep-deprived) mum Zoë can attest to.

The author took to Instagram earlier today to get real about what it’s like caring for a fresh bub, like Rudy.

“Unlike her brother and father, my newborn struggles to expel air. Doesn’t help that my flow speed (milk, not rap) is set to 200km/ph,” she said in her post, explaining little Rudy’s struggles.

“And so, she’s a gulpy, anguished, scrunched-up, yelly, crying, non-sleeping little Gollum unless I do stuff to limit gassiness,” she continued. “There’s no risk of me being considered an expert, but these anti-wind aids were recommended to me, and I now I piff them to you. Cos maybe they will help get you some goddamn sleep.”

The 37-year-old beauty maven went on to suggest a few things that have helped her in the four weeks since Rudy was born.

The first is the Cooconababy nest from The Stork Nest. “[Rudy has] not slept elsewhere since,” said the The Wrong Girl creator. “It’s on an incline for her reflux, is portable, gives her in-womb snugness, is safe, and I feel confident co-sleeping with it.”

Zoë’s next survival product is Willby’s Wind and Colic mixture. “I mentioned on IG stories I was using Infants Friend for her wind, and dozens of women immediately contacted me saying I had to try this stuff. It definitely helps. She’s calm, and goes to sleep easily. She still has some horrid feed/gas episodes, but overall: game changer!,” she explained.

Her third was Dr. Browns Options Wide-Neck Newborn bottle (with a Pigeon wideneck SS teat), and the fourth was whisky, she jokingly wrote.

As previously reported by Now To Love, radio star Hamish, 35, recently confessed to 60 Minutes he couldn’t wait to add a new bub into their life.

“I’m just looking forward to falling in love,” he said.

As for feeling better prepared the second time around, Hamish joked: “[I’m] less scared of the imaginary stuff and more scared of the real stuff.”

Speaking about the arrival of baby number two, Zoë wrote on her website: “You’re better at it round two. You know stuff. You don’t panic about every weird twinge.”

Admitting her first pregnancy “was a bit s—” the writer took up Pilates and saw an Osteopath to combat potential ailments.

And of course, her doting hubby Hamish was on board to help in any way that he could. “Pregnancy is unforgiving, relentless work. This is not a time to play martyr or hero. Ask your partner for a foot rub every night, with no guilt. Have a rest when you can,” Zoë explained.

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