Nomad’s wine delivery service will help you make it through the school holidays

School holidays got you tearing your hair out? The new Nomad Wine Club selection in Sydney will deliver boutique wine to your door. You're welcome.
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School holidays are full on.

Let’s face it, life is full on and we don’t always get to enjoy the things we’d like to – like drinking a nice wine in peace and quiet.

We can’t help you with the peace and quiet side of things, but we can help you with the wine side of things – and you don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy the finer side of life.

Nomad in Surry Hills has already made a name for itself as the inner-city wine hotspot. They’re launching a program called The Nomad Wine Club, which means you’ll be able to sip on a fancy tipple, chat with like-minded vino appreciators online and not even have to leave your lounge room.

The selection of wine on offer from Nomad Wine Club will change every month, and you can select from two tiers of membership.

The more affordable option is called ‘the admirer’ and will set you back $90 – for which you get three bottles per month. That’s roughly $30 bucks per boutique bottle of tipple – not too shabby!

The second the tier is called ‘the enthusiast’ and will set you back $185 each month – for which you get six bottles of boutique wine, again roughly $30 a bottle.

All wines are carefully chosen by Nomad’s award-winning sommelier and your pack arrives in the first week of each month.

Your first box might not make it in time for school holiday madness, but it will be there to greet you at the start of each month and is there anything better than that?

The cost of the delivery is included in your membership and is available across Sydney. The cost of membership also includes insurance, so your wines safety is one less thing you have to worry about.

Thank you, wine Gods, for answering our prayers.

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