Believe it or not, this is trendiest baby name of all time

You definitely know someone with this name.
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Amelia, Emily and Olivia are predicted to be the most popular names for baby girls in 2018. And while those monikers are top choices now, it is highly unlikely they will be ever find popularity quite like the trendiest name of all time.

That title goes to a name so incredibly fashionable, that at its peak popularity, one in every 20 baby girls in the US were given the name.

So, what is the trendiest name of all time? It’s Linda. Yes, in a time before social media, ‘Linda’ went viral.

While we all know or have met a Linda, the research digs a little deeper than that. To discover the trendiest name in history Biotechnologist and blogger David Taylor looked at which names had the sharpest rise and decline paired with the greatest height in popularity.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista is possibly the most famous Linda right now. Other famous Linda’s include:

Linda Hunt, Linda Ronstadt, Linda Blair and Linda McCartney.

Posting to his website Proofreader, Taylor explained in 1947 the name Linda had an incredible surge in popularity like no other name in history. At the time, the name accounted for 5.5 percent of girls in the US.

Taylor believes hit song ‘Linda’ by Jack Lawrence which topped the charts in 1947 is responsible for the name’s popularity.

Other trending names over the years include Brittany and Ashley, hitting top favour in the 1980s and 90s, Debra, popular in 1960s, and Shirley a hit in the 30s.

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And what about boys names? Well, the trendiest boys’ name of all time is Jason, reaching peak popularity in the 1970s and accounting for about 3.5 percent of boys in the US.

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