Top 10 reading apps for preschoolers

The 10 best phone apps for helping preschoolers learn to read.
Reading apps

Do you want to help your child learn the love of reading? We asked some tech-savvy iMums to review the 10 best reading apps for preschoolers right now.


The fun starts early

Reading is one of our most important life skills and a child is never too young to start playing with the joy of words, especially when they jump out from the page or screen.

There is a virtual library of thousands of reading apps available for children, so we asked the tech-savvy mums at to select and review 10 high-quality apps aimed at helping preschoolers to learn the love of both reading and being read to in an engaging way.


Hide run growl

Hide Run Growl, a universal app by Kid-estory books, is the story of an adorable tiger cub whose mother has hurt her paw so he must be the one to go out hunting for food.

It’s the cub’s first time hunting alone and all the animals he encounters are either too big or too fierce for the little cub to handle except for one, which instead of hunting, he decides to befriend. (AU$0.99). Download app HERE.


Tail toes eyes ears nose

Tail Toes Eyes Ears Nose by Auryn Inc is a charming book app aimed at children 2-5 that helps them learn to recognise different parts of the body on animals and humans.

Familiar animals such as a horse, pig, mouse, cat, dog, rabbit and more are depicted throughout the book which has a riddle-type element to it. An entertaining and enjoyable way for children to learn body parts and is sure to captivate early readers and non-readers alike. (AU$1.99).

Download app HERE.


Lost Larry

Lost Larry by Wasabi Productions is the third in the series of books about Larry Lizard written by Australian author Graham Nunn.

Larry Lizard has gotten lost, and needs help getting home. At the end of the journey they help Larry to find a safe spot and stroke him until he falls asleep.

This app is an interesting combination of a sweet simple story, and a series of mini-games which work on fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and counting to seven. (AU$2.99). Download app HERE.


Bizzy Bear: On the farm

Bizzy Bear On the Farm is a universal app from British app developer Nosy Crow. It is based on their Bizzy Bear board book series and is aimed at 2-4 year olds.

The book is very interactive and each scene has different activities for the child, including: feeding apples to the pigs, collecting eggs from the hen house, rounding up the lost sheep and driving the tractor, tapping on the characters also elicits more dialogue.

This charming interactive book is sure to keep toddlers and pre-schoolers engaged. (AU$1.99). Download app HERE.


Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton is brought to life by Canadian app developer Loud Crow Interactive. It is accompanied by traditional hoedown music while bluegrass musician John Stey calls out the lines as if you were at a square dance.

All of the animals can be made to do their own dance steps – by tapping, spinning or swiping you can have animals dancing all over the place.

A fun and lively rendition of a classic board book. (AU$4.49). Download app HERE.


I love you all the time

I Love You All The Time is an iPad-only app from Cookie Bear Press. This delightful app is perfect for busy families or those with family members who travel or live afar, as the common theme is that no matter where you are or what you do, I will love you all the time.

It is a delightful rendition that has digital animation, ability to record your own pages, bright and easy-to-see illustrations. (AU$1.99). Download app HERE.


No Dogs Allowed

No Dogs Allowed* by Dutch app developer Tizio Publishing is a cute tale about the mythical ‘No Dogs’. The No Dog can only be seen by children, he is a cute ball of fluff with big floppy ears, six legs, two tails and wings.

This fun story is told in a cute rhyming style and illustrated with beautiful watercolor pictures, plus it has light animation and simple interactivity. After reading this, every kid will want a pet No Dog! (AU$0.99). Download app HERE.


nimal Snapp: Farm

Animal SnApp: Farm by Nosy Crow, is a collection of six short stories written and illustrated by Axel Scheffler (who illustrated The Gruffalo).

Each story is about one animal: Lucky Lamb, Gobbly Goat, Cuddly Cow, Portly Pig, Diggity Dog or Higgledy Hen. To choose a story, the reader completes a sliding puzzle – matching animal tops and bottoms.

These fun, rhyming stories are bound to be a big hit with little animal lovers. (AU$5.49). Download app HERE.


The Monster at the End

The Monster at the End of this Book is where loveable Grover comes to life via animations and activities. Grover acts out the various scenes in the book which include: tying the pages together, building a wooden wall and finally building a brick wall.

It’s easy to figure out what you are supposed to do on each page, because a yellow circle appeas with each task, which is great for young readers. This is one of our favourite e-books. (AU$5.49). Download app HERE.


Dr Suess beginner Book collection

Join the magical world of Dr Seuss through Dr Seuss Beginner Book Collection #1 by Oceanhouse Media.

This app features titles such as: The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The FOOT Book, Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You? and Fox In Socks all in one action packed app!


Featuring a introductory screen where you can choose your title, the app draws you into your favourite stories using individual word highlighting as the story is read, words flying in when pictures are touched along with a variety of concepts in each story.

This app promotes early literacy skills, sounds, as well as tongue-twisting fun! (AU$15.99). Download app HERE.

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