Stella McCartney is BLOWING up at The Beckhams over this pic of her daughter

What do you make of this? Do you agree, or would you let it slide?
Harper Beckham's birthday party at The Palace

It seems all’s not well at Beckhingham Palace…

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has apparently thrown a punch, landing a cracker on David and Victoria Beckham after the dad-of-four posted a picture of her daughter, Reiley Willis, on Instagram.

The 42-year-old retired footballer uploaded a snap of his daughter Harper’s sixth birthday party, with Reiley standing to the left of his little girl.

The picture, taken in Buckingham Palace with Princess Eugenie, has since gone viral.

David hasn’t taken the picture down from his Instagram page, which counts 38.6million people as fans.

“Stella is spitting feathers about it because she always tries to keep her kids out of the public eye and never posts about them on her own social media accounts,” a source says, according to The Sun.

“She is especially furious because she has an OBE and has nothing but respect for the royal family. She hoped no-one would notice it was Reiley and has outlined the rules to her staff.”

With a little luck, this will all blow over and Victoria can keep calm and carry on her friendship with Stella (the two met back in 2010 and their little girls have been best friends since their mums organised a play date for them soon after).

Although, it does beg the question: would you set upon a friend if they uploaded a picture of your child on the internet? Tell us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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