Shane Warne’s kids mark four months since their dad’s tragic passing with emotional, personal tributes

''I love you dad, I hope you're taking it easy up there.''
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Brooke, Jackson and Summer Warne have marked four months since their father Shane Warne’s death with individual tributes.

On Monday night, the cricketing legend’s eldest child Brooke shared a throwback photo of herself and her siblings as children with their dad smiling for the camera.

Brooke’s throwback featured herself, her brother Jackson and sister Summer as kids with their beloved dad.

(Image: Instagram)

“4 months today,” the 25-year-old penned.

“Feels weird not being around you, especially overseas, you always made everyone’s holiday the most enjoyable & special thing ever no matter what we were doing we were always laughing and being silly. We miss you and your laughs and everything, every day Dad.”

Jackson, meanwhile, shared a photo of his dad in a hoodie and sunglasses with the caption “Poker face”.

Jackson shared a photo of Shane taken back in 2018.

(Image: Instagram)

“This time 4 years ago,” Shane’s son, 23, remarked in his caption, before touching on his and his dad’s shared love of poker and how his World Series of Poker debut.

“This trip was meant to be my first time playing in the WSOP main event with my best friend and dad. Missing you so much and wish you were here playing with me. I’ll make you proud and get the W.”

Shane’s youngest daughter Summer’s tribute featured a more recent picture of her dad and their dog remarking “4 months today”.

“I miss you more than anything in the world, dad, your laugh, your voice, your smile and your cuddles,” the 20-year-old wrote.

“I love you dad, I hope you’re taking it easy up there.”

(Image: Instagram)

“Not a day goes by where I still wish this was just a nightmare. I love you dad, I hope you’re taking it easy up there.”

Shane died from a suspected heart attack while on a trip in Thailand with four friends in March this year.

All three of his children spoke at his state memorial service at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground with individual speeches.

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“My children fill me with laughter, joy, and above all – love. I’m so proud of them,” Shane previously wrote on Instagram.

“It’s difficult to describe the love you have for your own children, but it makes you smile every time you look at them.”

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