How to choose a pram

Some prams have more features than a new car so the same rules apply: test drive before you buy.

The Steelcraft ‘Strider Compact’, $799.

Prams can be described as bassinets on wheels. Unlike a stroller, a pram allows bub to lie flat, providing support for his head while his neck is unable to. Prams come in different styles, some with a carrycot if the seat doesn’t fully recline. Designs that are suitable for newborns can also be adjusted for growth. There are models where a carrycot or bassinet attaches to the chassis of a pram or ones with compatible travel systems, so your car capsule fits securely to the frame. Consider the points below before you buy bub’s first set of wheels.


Choose a pram that suits your family’s daily needs. Will you be using it on city or country terrain? Whizzing around the shopping centre or going for walks or jogs in the park?


You’ll need a model that isn’t too heavy for you to lift once folded, and that isn’t too bulky to manoeuvre and store.

Weight capacity

A pram that grows with your child will have longevity and value for money, so seek out a design that is adaptable to your bub’s changing needs.

Travel system

Combining a pram and infant carrier, you can ‘click’ the carrier in and out of the pram’s frame. It means you can transfer bub from car to street to home without disturbing him. See page 60 for the best range of travel systems.


Ensure that you are able to fold it easily and quickly.


Make sure the pram can fit easily in the boot of your car and check if the wheels can be removed to help it fit into tight spaces. You also need to consider if it can be easily stored at home.


If you will be hitting the shops regularly, stability and under-seat storage is important.


Look for brakes that are easily operated and can be activated by a single action. The brake release must be located in a position that’s not easily accessible to a child when he is restrained in the pram.


A fully reclining seat is essential for newborns, until they gain neck strength. Also many new models feature reversible seats; a rear-facing seat allows bub to see you, while a forward-facing seat lets him take in the view of the world.


A safety restraint is essential for keeping bub secure. Look for a five-point harness. Prams and strollers must be supplied with a suitable tether strap that allows the operator to be tethered to it.


Check there are no spaces that could trap your little one’s fingers.

Handle height

Adjustable handles ensure comfort for carers of different sizes.

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