12 simple, delicious Mothers’ Day recipes that the kids can make

The kitchen should even stay clean!
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Making food for mum is a rite of passage on Mothers’ Day. Keeping the kitchen clean … not so much.

Let’s face it, letting the kids loose in the kitchen can be a recipe (pardon the pun) for disaster. Flour explosions, stolen biscuits and sticky fingers are par for the course when kids are left to get creative without any guidance.

That’s where these kid-friendly Mother’s Day recipes come in.

All of our favourite quick, no fuss recipes for kids are triple tested, and are safe for even the most adventurous little ones.

Although we can’t promise your kitchen will stay clean, we can certainly try to help.

Here’s hoping some of these delicious treats make their way to you this Mothers’ Day …

12 simple Mothers’ Day recipes for kids to make

White chocolate coconut balls

White chocolate coconut balls: They might look and taste decadent, but these delicious treats are super simple to make, making them a great gift from kids to mums, grandmas and aunties on Mothers’ Day. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Pink-swirled petal bark

Pink-swirled petal bark: This picture-perfect white chocolate bark is swirled with pink colouring and sprinkled with gorgeous edible flowers to create a sweet treat that is both beautiful and delicious as well as being super simple for little hands to get around. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Avocado and banana smoothie

Avocado and banana smoothie: Who needs burnt toast? This superfood smoothie is a great choice for a healthy Mothers’ Day breakfast. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Homemade lemonade

Homemade lemonade: If you’re hosting a Mothers’ Day brunch at your place, this is a great recipe for kids to get involved in. Grandma is sure to be impressed! Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Fruit and marshmallow dessert pizzas

Fruit and marshmallow dessert pizzas: These super-cute dessert pizzas topped with strawberries, banana and caramel sauce are sure to be a big hit on Mothers’ Day. You’re biggest problem will be stopping the kids from wanting to make them every day! Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

3-ingredient banana and peanut butter pancakes

3-ingredient banana and peanut butter pancakes: You don’t need a pantry full of baking ingredients to whip up these delicious pancakes! Made with just peanut butter, egg, and banana – they’re a delicious and high-protein breakfast in minutes that the kids will love to make. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

No-bake mars bar slice

No-bake Mars Bar slice: Who says kids are the only ones to get to enjoy Mars Bar slice? Super-simple to make, this makes a great transportable treat to take along to any Mothers’ Day celebration. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Waffles with marmalade ricotta

Waffles with marmalade ricotta: These decadent waffles with marmalade ricotta might look fancy, but they’re surprisingly simple to pull together, making them a gorgeous choice for a Mothers’ Day breakfast in bed. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Easy blueberry custard pastries

Easy blueberry custard pastries: Sweet, smooth custard and delicate blueberries sandwiches between layers of tender puff pastry make an impressive, yet jaw-dropping simple dessert. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Chocolate Nutella mug puddings

Chocolate Nutella mug puddings: These decadent chocolate Nutella mug puddings are the ultimate dessert for all the sweet tooth’s out there on Mothers’ day. Easy to prepare for little hands they’re a perfect choice for kids in the kitchen. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Cherry and walnut smoothie

Cherry and walnut smoothie: This healthy smoothie, filled with sweet cherries, walnuts and black chia seeds makes for a great alternative to a heavy breakfast in bed, and it tastes great too. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

Blueberry trifle

Blueberry trifle: Super simple to make and full of antioxidant-filled blueberries, this recipe is a sweet way to get kids involved in the kitchen on Mothers’ Day. Image: Australian Women’s Weekly.

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