This Lego statue took three days to build… and only seconds to destroy

Children wreak havoc wherever they go
Lego statue that took three days to build is destroyed in seconds

It took Zhao, a Chinese artist, three days and 100,000 Lego bricks to build a specially commissioned statue of Nick Wilde, the fox from Zootopia.

The statue, which was 180cm, and worth $20,000 was on display in a Shanghai shopping centre. However, it only lasted an hour.

A curious child broke through security rope to get a closer look at the statue and accidentally knocked to the ground.


The child’s (probably horrified) parents apologised to Zhao and offered to compensate him. He has refused payment and is said to have been “understanding”.

Of course this is not the first time that a kid has caused colossal damage and cost their parents a small fortune, not to mention mortal embarrassment.

Nicole, a mother-of-three from Brisbane, says that her son wreaked havoc at her parents’ house.

“My parents have a pretty amazing water feature in their garden. It’s a series of massive glass bowls from which water runs down and into a kind of creek that runs under their house. The glass bowls start from about one and a half metres in diameter and were custom made by some famous artist.

“When my son was two, he was looking over their verandah watching the water running from the bowls. In a split second he’d picked up a large rock and dropped it directly into the largest of the bowls from the height of the verandah. Let’s just say it caused destruction on a pretty large scale.”

Jo, a mum-of-two from Newcastle, has a similar tale of woe.

“My mum has a beautiful Balinese coffee table and when we visited when Thomas was two-and-a-half, he knocked over one of those stick diffuser air freshener on it. I thought I had cleaned it up but the alcohol in the oil was so strong that it stripped a layer off the table – yikes!”

Elizabeth can also relate.

“My sister-in-law had kindly offered to look after my then five-and-a-half year old daughter during the school holidays. She had to drop in to her parents place and took my daughter with her.

“I had forgotten to pack my daughter a pencil case so before my sister-in-law picked her up from me at work, I grabbed some items from the work stationery cupboard – not realising I had packed a permanent marker.”

“While my daughter was at my sister-in-laws parents’ house, she decided to lay on the ground to do some drawing. Unfortunately she went over the edge of the page and draw all over their $5000 rug!”

Elizabeth says that while the damage was obviously accidental, her sister-in-law’s parents were thoroughly unimpressed.

“They now have three grandchildren and the rug has been rolled up,” says Elizabeth.

The common theme here is that accidents and children go hand in hand. So if you are planning any large scale Lego creations, don’t forget the super glue.

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