“I’m such a proud dad:” Larry Emdur may be a larrikin on TV, but when it comes to his family he’s all heart

His son Jye is his mini-me!
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TV Week 2024 Gold Logie nominee Larry Emdur is known for his larger-than-television personality, but when it comes to his family, he’s dead serious about his love for them.

His dedication to wife Sylvie and their two kids Jye and Tia knows no bounds, and he made that clear when he got a tattoo of a heart with three arrows going through it in their honour.

The Morning Show host debuted the ink on his Instagram and wrote, “New ink story. My heart with an arrow for Sylvie, an arrow for Jye and an arrow for Tia .. ❤️ ❤️❤️ #Family.”

The proud family man has been married since 1995, but Larry says his wife is his “pillar of strength”.

“I’m sure anyone else would have walked out a thousand times because I’ve been through some pretty terrible times in my job, and I’ve never been able to say to my family, ‘Yes, I guarantee I can feed you or pay the mortgage.’ She’s just been so strong. I adore her,” he gushed to TV WEEK in 2021.

“We spend so much time together. We love each other dearly, desperately. She’s away now for a couple of days, and I can’t sleep. It’s so sad! I’m like a little baby. She’s everything to me.”

Whilst his son Jye works in real estate, while Larry’s daughter Tia has embarked on a career in media just like her dad. During the early days of COVID, she worked at Channel Seven in news but though she didn’t start until after Larry left, he did consider staying back.

“Sometimes I was tempted to just walk past her at the door, wearing a mask, so I could see her,” he said.

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Besides making his family smile, Larry is a hit with his son’s friends too!

“There’s a thing now, Jye was telling me, when their friends are going out on a bender, they call it a ‘Larry Emdur’, so I’ve made it!”

See inside Larry’s life with Jye, Tia, and Sylvie to discover the TV host’s soft side.

Larry and Sylvie met when she was a flight attendant, and when the presenter found this throwback, he leapt at the chance to make this joke.

“TBT: Firstly, I can’t believe Sylvie went out with me when I wore that shirt. Secondly, that pressure she’s applying to my penile precinct with her right knee is still her preferred method of getting what she wants.”

He posted this throwback in honour of his son’s 27th birthday.

“I’m not exactly sure where those 27 years have gone . Happy birthday (y’day) to my best buddy in the universe. Jye we’ve still got lots of fun to have and lots of life’s mountains to climb and I’m looking forward to all of it. Thunder buddies for life. #IfNotNowWhen?

❤️❤️👊👊💪💪,” gushed The Morning Show host.

We can see where Jye got his hair from!

Larry loves to gush about Jye on Instagram and we bet this side-by-side collage makes his heart burst.

“You are my co-pilot for life,” wrote Larry for his son’s 28th birthday.

Fathers and sons that suit up together stay together.

Larry’s daughter Tia keeps a lower profile than her brother but when she graduated, her dad had to commemorate the moment by posting this snap.

“Go Tia !!! I’m such a proud dad !!! Look to the Stars, Reach for the Stars, Catch the Stars .. post graduation celebration . So proud of you xxxx #prouddad,” he wrote in his caption.

When Jye left the country to travel, his dad was happy but also sad about him going away.

The TV host posted this picture of him crying on his son’s shoulders and gushed in his caption, “That last hug at the airport is always the toughest.

“I love your passion for travel and adventure Jye, but I hate the way it keeps dragging you away from us for so long each time .stay safe my little buddy, keep the wind at your back and the sand between your toes. Miss you already xx.”

When Larry’s network wouldn’t let him go to the Logies, he posted this defiant picture with his son and cricket legend Michael Clarke.

There is nothing like a father-son lunch…

…or two! They are inseparable.

Larry’s tattoo is just one of many ways he has declared his love for his brood over the years.

His birthday message for his wife is literally husband goals.

“Happy happy birthday you amazing, incredible,sexy,fabulous,awesome,fierce,yummy, humble, perfect human being. In a currently yukky world you are a constant source of love and light for all around you .

“Sylvie I had booked your favourite restaurant in Paris for your birthday dinner but apparently we can’t go so I hope the Devon and sauce toasted sandwich will be ok .. I love you baby doll ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” he gushed.

Jye is the spitting image of his famous dad.

If there is one thing Larry is going to do, its gush about his wife on Instagram.

“This is the look of a young goofy dude who somehow just lured the amazing’est and sexiest and coolest woman in the world into his silly life,” he captioned the post above. “Happy Valentine’s Day Sylvie ! just confirming a toasted sandwich and a glass of wine infront of the tv at 6:30pm tonight is an acceptable romantic dinner ?? Xx”

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