She’s still a Clarke, for better or for worse! Kyle Clarke explains why she’s keeping ex-husband Michael’s last name

''It's very important.''
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Well before she married Aussie cricket legend Michael Clarke in 2012, Kyly Clarke was a star in her own right.

The former model and actor, then Kyly Boldy, was a presenter on The Weather Channel and won numerous modelling competitions in the early 2000s.

But despite her recent split from her husband, Kyly now says she has no intention of going back to her “Boldy” roots, preferring to keep Michael’s high profile last name, even after their divorce is finalised.

Speaking about her high profile breakup for the first time this week on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show, Kyly explained why she intends to hold onto her famous surname.

When the radio hosts asked the new House Rules presenter if she would be reprising her maiden name, Kyly replied: “No that is my name.”

She said it was “important” for her to share the same last name as her daughter, Kelsey Lee Clarke, four.

Host Jackie O, who also recently split from her husband, explained she too kept her last name after her divorce, for the exact same reason.

“That’s the surname of your daughter, and I’m the same. I want to keep the same surname as well for that very reason,” Jackie O said.

Kyly replied: “Absolutely … I think that’s a bit of a fuss, it’s funny how sometimes you make such a fuss in the beginning about changing names and not changing names, but it’s very important I think that our last names are the same and I love that.”

Kyly and Michael pictured during happier times.

(Image: Instagram)

The couple celebrating Kelsey Lee’s birthday recently.

(Image: Instagram)

During the interview Kyly also opened up about how she and Michael are handling their post-separation life.

She said their daughter’s health and happiness is their main focus, adding that the pair were still seeing each other “everyday”.

“I mean it’s weird because we basically see each other every day anyway so I don’t even know it feels any different,” Kyly said.

“Kelsey Lee is our priority, so we’re just doing everything that is in her best interest. Her happiness is paramount.”

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The couple were together for almost a decade.

(Image: Instagram)

They are still happily co-parenting their daughter together and see each other almost “everyday”.

(Image: Instagram)

Michael and Kyly, who were married for eight years, secretly split in September last year, with Michael moving into the former couple’s $7 million Bondi apartment – leaving their $12 million Vaucluse family home for Kyly and Kelsey Lee to live in.

“After living apart for some time, we have made the difficult decision to ­separate as a couple, amicably,” Michael and Kyly said in a statement in February, when the news was publicly announced.

“With the greatest of respect for each other, we’ve come to the ­mutual conclusion that this is the best course for us to take while committed to the co-parenting of our daughter.”

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In his 2016 autobiography My Story, Michael wrote about his fear of his own marriage breaking down, after watching his own parents get divorced.

“I don’t even want to start a serious relationship if it’s going to end in a separation. Mum and Dad are my heroes, and their marriage has always been a kind of gold standard for (sister) Leanne and me. I can’t imagine myself measuring up to my parents’ partnership. How can I do it, if they can’t?” he wrote in his book at the time.

“It takes me a long time to get over that fear. When Kyly Boldy and I start dating, I open up with her about it. There is a strength of love between us that helps me get over my self-doubt.”

Michael and Kyly, who met in high school, were married in front of just 70 friends in 2012.

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