Emma Freedman announces her pregnancy just five months after her wedding

These newlyweds wasted no time!
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Just five quick months after her dreamy wedding to husband Charlie Rundle, Emma Freedman has announced her pregnancy with an adorable Instagram post.

The Triple M radio host revealed her big news on the air with her Grill Team co-hosts, Gus Worland, Matty Johns and Pagey saying that she’d been suffering from morning sickness, even having to pull over on the side of the road on Oxford Street.

“It hasn’t been a super easy pregnancy Gussy,” the mum-to-be said, “But feeling better now. The early mornings have actually been OK, it’s the afternoons when I start to feel pretty crook.”

Emma and husband Charlie tied the knot in June. (Image: Instagram @emma_freedman)

Emma, 29, also confessed that it was difficult to hide the pregnancy during Spring Carnival season as she had to disguise her growing bump by wearing nothing too tight and avoiding people questioning why she was staying away from alcohol.

“I was on the sodas saying I was working. I had a couple of people saying ‘You brought tops and pants and nothing tight,’ it was funny people noticed that,” she shared.

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Emma and Charlie’s pregnancy news comes just five months after their beautiful June wedding and her fellow co-hosts were quick to point out that they got straight to business.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded [having a bit more practice] but we’re lucky and very fortunate that it happened so quickly,” the radio host replied.

Emma also shared the happy news on Instagram, sharing a picture of her and Charlie saying, “We are thrilled that we’ll be meeting our own little Rundle Bundle in late May next year! Charlie and I are so excited and can’t wait to experience all the love, joy and challenges of parenthood. This snap was taken on the weekend with the slightest hint of a bump!”

“Charlie and I are so excited and can’t wait to experience all the love, joy and challenges of parenthood.” (Image: Instagram @emma_freedman)

Emma also shared a super cute snap of the couple’s “fur baby” Utah who is all set to welcome his younger brother or sister as well.

“We’ll also be sharing all of this with Utah, of course! Our fur baby is amazing with children, and I have a feeling he already knows what’s up – my now very regular afternoon naps have been shared with him resting his head on my tummy,” Emma posted.

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Utah knows what’s up! (Image: Instagram @emma_freedman)

Emma’s pregnancy announcement is pretty cute, but some celebrities go overboard when it comes to announcing their baby news.

Watch some of our favourite celebrity pregnancy announcements in the video below.

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