5 Disney Princesses Breastfeeding in Public

Anything that celebrates public breastfeeding is a good thing!

Altnerative Disney has shared some powerful images to help normalise breastfeeding and push back against pressure for mums to be more discrete about breastfeeding in public.

The series of pictures features Disney princesses from Ariel to Pocahontos simply meeting the basic needs of their hungry babies wherever they happen to be at the time. Because there’s nothing wrong with that!

Princess Jasmine breastfeeds her hungry babe in a restuarant. Yes there’s fine china and fancy glasswear, but a baby has got as much right to eat as her mama does.

While we wouldn’t be so keen to take a toddler to a formal dinner, while a new baby is still compact and highly-dependent on their mum, what’s the problem?

Mulan and Shang pause from a walk in the park while Mulan breastfeeds their baby.

The serenity of the parkland is much easier to enjoy when a hungry baby can be comforted. No need for tiny cries or baby tears here.

Ariel took a moment to feed her baby on a park bench while an unperturbed gentleman reads the newspaper beside her. Yep, nothing to see here, folks.

As for the question of how Ariel managed to swim from the ocean into a park in the first place… well, that’s the magic Hollywood for you!

Pocahontas shows that there’s never a wrong time to feed your baby in public. Yes, even in a fancy clothing store.

Anywhere, anytime… public breastfeeding is always acceptable!

Belle is our kind of mama. Her baby was hungry while she was walking along the New York sidewalk so got straight to it.

There’s no law against a mum whipping her boob out in public to nourish her baby.

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