29 month old: The best toys for your two-year-old’s development

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Toys are the treasures of childhood, the stuff that your kids’ favourite memories are made of.

Toys become your baby’s first play pals before they discover the joy of human friends and start the long process of learning to share their toys with those same friends.

It goes without saying that toys, and the play scenarios and games they inspire, are central to your child’s learning journey – as well as being a major source of fun!

While it’s important to spend time playing and bonding with your little one, research also shows that during this time of “limit-testing” your toddler needs to be left to play alone in order to encourage independence and figuring out things for themselves.

Best toys for this age:

Blocks and construction toys engage kids in creative play, which helps them socially, emotionally and physically. Learning about block size, shape, colour, numbers, patterns, length and weight, encourages cognitive development. Colour matching and sequencing toys are the ‘building blocks’ of early literacy.

Ride-ons that are well-balanced and safe will satisfy their need to push themselves along on wheels, although pedalling is probably not possible yet.

Balls are a fabulous at any age, especially as they learn to target their throws more. Kick and throw balls with them even if you’re not “sporty.”

Toys become your baby’s first play pals before they discover the joy of human friends. (Image: Getty)

Dress ups will feed their increasing love of pretend play but don’t get too hung up on gender roles (ie. if your boy wants to try on the skirts).

The great outdoors is a giant toy awaiting discovery – sandpits, mud, snow, dirt to dig, playgrounds, trampolines, rocks, leaves and stuff to collect & make art with.

Puzzles and manipulative toys help dexterity and special awareness. Four to five-piece puzzles are realistic and dolls clothes with buttons and snaps.

Percussion toys like drums, sticks and tambourines are great to jump, sing and twirl to.

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Art and crafts encourage creativity and ideally can be self-accessed and played with in a designated ‘messy’ area. Tempera paint is great for kids as it’s fast – drying, washable, bright and gooey!

Books are toys too! Helping kids interact with books from an early age has been shown to improve vocab and grammar.

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