New Facebook messenger scam has experts concerned

If someone sends you a video link in Facebook messenger, don't click it.

A new Facebook messengerscam deceiving people into downloading dangerousmalware has potential to cause tremendous damage, warn experts.

The scam starts when a Facebook Messenger user is sent a message from a friend, the message will ask you if the attached video is of you.

I use Facebook under a false name and have had several friends send me the message. I was alerted something was wrong when I noticed the messages were referring to me by my pseudonym, so I didn’t click. Others will not be so lucky.

Once clicked, the video link takes a user through to an external site where they will be asked to install an application or a plugin.

The scam is sent through as a video link in messenger by a friend.

Val Quinn from Gadget Guy spoke to Yahoo News and explained the scam comes in a range of languages.

Once you’ve downloaded the application to view the video link, Val says the virus is now on your computer.

“Once that happens, the virus is on your machine, goes back into Facebook and sends the virus to all your friends, so you need to watch your posts to see if you have been infected.”

Change you password immediately.

If you have been affected by the virus, there are a number of steps you need to take.

  • Change your Facebook password.

  • Alert your Facebook friends that they should not click any links sent through by you.

  • Run Antivirus software on your phone and computer.

  • Delete any suspicious application that appears your phone and/or computer.

Ask a professional if you’re concerned about malware on your computer.

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