From Coles to Kmart: Your ultimate guide to online shopping and saving money

Save money and time by shopping online.
Guide to online shopping and saving money

Online shopping in Australia is booming, thanks to practical options like exclusive online deals , Christmas gift ideas, online boutiques, online grocery shopping and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The fact that you can do all your shopping in your pyjamas from the comfort of your bed doesn’t hurt either.

With Christmas just around the corner, online shopping can be a lifesaver for a busy bargain hunter.

This is a guide for anyone looking to pick up some tricks of the (online) trade.

Online shopping safety tips

Always make sure the site you are using has a secure checkout — you can check this by making sure the start of the website address is https:// — the ‘s’ stands for secure, and means no one else will be able to sneak a look at your credit card details.

If you’re unsure about anything else on an online shop you can check their terms and conditions, privacy policy and complaints procedures — make sure you’re happy with these before you hit ‘pay now’.

For a full list of your rights as an online shopper check out the ACCC’s Online Shopper’s Checklist and Choice’s online buying guide.

Online shopping money saving tips

Lookout for websites offering sales and discounts and try to buy in bulk if you want more than one item to minimise credit card transaction fees and delivery fees, some sites offer free delivery over a certain amount spent.

Also favourable currency exchange rates mean that your Aussie dollar will go further in online stores in the UK and USA. Use a currency converter to double check the cost.

Online Shopping with Coles and Woolworths

Get your weekly grocery shop delivered to your door or take advantage of the free pick options.

Shopping online gives you the opportunity to make the most of any deals or specials a grocery store may have going on.

Online shopping Kmart and Target

Kmart and Target also offer online shopping and often have free delivery deals.

Get your Christmas shopping delivered to your door!

Other great online shopping websites

Electrical: Lookout for online sales to maximise your savings.

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