Hold tight, fancy new $10 notes are coming to a purse near you

Here's your first squiz.

By Amber Manto
It was only last September that our $5 notes got a controversial makeover and now the tenner has become the latest to get a face-lift from the RBA.
Aside from the clear plastic window for added security and a few new pictures, everything else is pretty much the same so it won't be too much of shock to transition to. It still features iconic Aussies, Dame Mary Gilmore and poet Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson and it's still a nice calming shade of blue. Tick and tick.
^ Kudos to the designer.
However the new, prettier version includes pictures of native Australian wattle and bird - something which will be consistently rolled out across the new series of notes.
"The $10 banknote features the Bramble Wattle and the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo," the RBA Governor, Philip Lowe, explained in a statement.
Unlike when the new $5 notes where introduced, this time around the RBA has done extensive testing to ensure there are no hiccups and assures us all these tenners will be accepted by vending machines.
"The Bank has been working closely with various parties in recent years to ensure that the new banknotes can be used in a broad range of typical day-to-day transactions across the country, including in machines that take or dispense banknotes," the RBA said.
The new $10 banknotes will be rolled out from September and you can find out more about the fancy features here.