Remembering Martin Mull: The comic genius behind ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’ has died

He was 80 years old.
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Martin Mull, the beloved American actor and comedian who brought joy and laughter to millions, has passed away.

His daughter, Maggie Mull shared the news on Instagram, writing, “I am heartbroken to share that my father passed away at home on June 27th, after a valiant fight against a long illness.

Remembering Martin Mull, he smiles with hat on and is shown as the popular principal in Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Martin Mull was a comedic genius. He passed away at home at the age of 80. (Image: Getty)

“He was known for excelling at every creative discipline imaginable and also for doing Red Roof Inn commercials. He would find that joke funny. He was never not funny,” she continued.

“My dad will be deeply missed by his wife and daughter, by his friends and coworkers, by fellow artists and comedians and musicians, and – the sign of a truly exceptional person – by man, many dogs. I loved him tremendously.”


Martin Mull was “never not funny”. (Image: Getty)

The star acted in at least 19 different movies and sitcoms over his decades-long career, which launched in the 1970s with TV shows Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Fernwood 2 Night.

In 1985, we fell in love with Martin all over again for his role as Colonel Mustard in the film Clue. He kept the hits coming from there, with breakout roles in Roseanne and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which are two of his most famous roles.

Some fans and fellow actors also remember him well from Arrested Development as the Bluth family’s private investigator Gene Parmesan.

Martin and his wife Wendy attended the Gersh Emmy Party together in 2016. (Image: Getty)

Thanks to his characteristic sharp wit and remarkable acting range, Martin was even nominated for an Emmy for his role in HBO’s Veep, where he played political aide Bob Bradley.

Most recently, Martin made guest appearances on The Afterparty, Not Dead Yet and the hit sitcom Grace and Frankie.

The acting legend is survived by his wife, the former Wendy Haas, an actor and composer and his daughter Maggie, a TV writer and producer. He and Wendy married in 1982.

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