Enjoy authentic street food while travelling without getting sick with the simple tips

Eat your way around the world without getting sick.

One of the best parts of travelling is the food.

Jerk chicken in Jamaica, Chilli crab in Singapore, Arepas in Colombia and authentic Banh mi in Vietnam.

The problem?

Street food, as authentic and cultural an experience it may be, can wreak havoc with our delicate western digestive systems.

It’s not often you hear someone talk about going to Bali without them alluding to the dreaded Bali Belly in the same breath.

But you don’t have to live in fear, friends.

LifeHacker recently shared some useful tips to make sure you can eat street food wherever you go in the world, without getting sick.

Do your research

Are you thinking about trying the Chilli crab in Singapore? It may be worth looking what other fantastic options your destination has on offer; you never know what you might find.

Try checking the street food tag on Instagram for hours worth of inspiration.

And it’s not just new meal ideas that you’ll find by doing your research. The Trip Advisor website can help you weed through good and bad reviews for the food you are hankering to try from people who have already done the hard work for you.

By using websites like Allergy Translation you’ll be able to create cards which will translate specific foods you’re trying to avoid and allergies.

Often, not knowing the ingredients in a dish can be half the battle when you don’t speak the language.

Look for lines

When you’re travelling, waiting in lines for food is almost always worth it – more so because it means it’s probably a safe place to eat.

Lifehacker recommends looking out for lines with elderly, women and children people in it for a safe bet.

A final word of warning

Play it extra safe by bringing and using your own cutlery. Even cutlery that appears clean may have been washed in local water.

And on that note, always, always avoid things served ice or local water.

The water often contains bacteria your body won’t be able to handle.

By bottled water whenever you’re in doubt and say no to ice in your drinks.

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