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Woman finds maggots inside her luxury ALDI chocolate sponge cake

“Oh my god mum, I think that's a maggot!”
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A woman from NSW and her family were appalled to find maggots squirming in their ALDI Chocolate cake over the weekend 7News reports.

The cake was purchased in December last year from a Port Macquarie ALDI, though remained sealed and unopened in the families pantry until Saturday, February 17th.

When the woman (who wished to remain anonymous) and her son opened the cake on Saturday evening, they were shocked to find two live maggots on their sweet treat.

The maggots were somehow inside the seal, which the family say was so tight they had to cut away from the cake.

7News reports the chocolate cake’s best before date was marked as February 9th.

“It’s only a best before date not a use by date. I expected maybe to find mould but certainly not maggots,” the woman explained to the publication.

The woman captured video footage of the maggots moving, which can be seen at the top of this post (make sure you have a strong stomach).

ALDI has made a statement about the woman’s findings saying they have had no complaints about the thousands of other cakes sold and will make sure to take the matter “very seriously”.

“If the allegations are found to be true, this obviously does not meet the high standards of quality we hold ourselves to. We welcome direct contact from this customer so that the matter can be investigated.”

The woman says she wont be shopping at ALDI again.

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