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Rejoice! Vegan Cornettos are coming!

The vegan ice-cream train is showing no signs of slowing.

Following in the footsteps of our old mates Ben & Jerry, who recently launched their certified vegan-friendly ice-cream range, is the humble Cornetto.
The summer favourite has gotten a revamp in the form of an all-vegan cone, and it sounds utterly delicious!
It has all the classic Cornetto trimmings you know and love but with an ethical edge – think a vegan chocolate-covered gluten-free waffle cone, creamy soy ice-cream and naturally, a sprinkle of nuts on top.
The 'nice-cream' has just hit shelves in the UK, following a successful trial launch in Italy last year.
While there's no word yet on when the new Cornetto will make its way to our shores, it's sure to be only a matter of time.
After all, a Melbourne café was the pioneer behind the first vegan 'egg', and just last year one entrepreneurial Aussie dreamt up an exclusive vegan dating app.
So it's your call, Streets. We're ready.