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Stop everything: Iced VoVo and Caramel Crowns ice cream now exists

It's the dessert combination of your childhood dreams.

Iced Vovos have been an Australian icon since 1906.

In fact, they’re as Australian as fairy bread or Vegemite on toast.

Now, the much-cherished biscuit topped with pink fondant, a strip of jammy raspberry filling and a sprinkling of coconut will be hitting our freezers – along with a few of your other biscuit favourites.

That’s right, thanks to a partnership between Arnott’s Biscuits and Peters Ice Cream you’ll soon be able to enjoy Iced VoVo, Mint Slice, Caramel Crowns AND Waggon Wheels in ice cream form. It’s the stuff that dessert dreams are made of.

The Caramel Crowns tub is described as, “an indulgent and cool mix of rich chocolate, gooey caramel and biscuit. It’s the famous chocolate, caramel biscuit combination you have been waiting for.”

Is this even legal?

The tub of Iced VoVo is noted on the Peters site as, “a delicious icy cold mix of marshmallow, coconut, raspberry jam and vanilla biscuits.”

Did we mention that they are available right now?

Thank you, sweetie overlords.

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