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Slow cooker recipes: 5 of the best ever slow cooker desserts

Slow cookers aren't just for lamb shanks!

Slow cooker desserts in Australia aren’t anywhere near as popular as they deserve to be.

There’s nothing like a creamy slow cooker rice pudding, topped with caramelised banana and pecans or a decadent slow cooker chocolate cake that takes practically effort at all.

Winter will be gone before we know it, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your slow cooker away – these gorgeous desserts can be enjoyed all year around.

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Get the double dollop cream ready…

You’ll be racing for the slow cooker to make these five most try slow cooker dessert recipes.

Slow cooker sour cream cheesecake

This creamy, tangy baked cheesecake will have everyone in the family drooling.

Severed with cream, strawberries and passion-fruit – you’ll never want to eat pavlova again.

Click here for the recipe.

Slow cooker banoffee caramel rice with honey-glazed bananas and pecans

Any kind of poached or honey-glazed fruit goes well with creamy rice.

This creamy caramel rice pudding is even easy enough for the kids to make and they love it if you let them add a few chocolate chips to the mix!

The quick-seared bananas and pecans add the texture and gooey sweetness, so all that’s needed is a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of cream to serve.

Click here for the recipe.

Slow cooker rich chocolate cake

A super simple way to make a thick, rich and decadent chocolate cake.

It’s also a straight-ford easy way to introduce the kids to cooking – what’s not to love?

Click here for the slow cooker rich chocolate cake recipe.

Slow cooker delicious lemony lime puddings

This old-fashioned favourite is a perfect winter or spring dessert.

What’s needed when the weather begins to turn chilly.

Smooth, simple and delicious.

Click here for the slow cooker recipe for these Lemony Lime puddings.

Slow cooker sticky date and fig steamed pudding

An absolute classic.

Really, have you ever met anyone in your life who doesn’t like a sticky date pudding?

No, because they don’t exist.

And this Sticky Date recipe is the best one yet

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