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Cafe serves full English breakfast in a jar… and people are divided

Would you be into this?

By Jacqui King
Picture this: You wake up on a lazy Sunday morning and head to your local cafe for a delicious breakfast.
You order it (a full English brekkie, of course) and try not to count down the minutes until it’s in front of you. Your eagerly anticipated meal arrives, but it’s… served in a jar?
Yep, your baked beans, sausages, hash browns, eggs and toast are all jammed together in a small glass prison, sweating and getting soggier by the millisecond.
This is the reality for a cafe in Cardiff, UK, called Munchies, where they serve fry-ups in glass jars.
A picture of the stacked brekkie (posted by the cafe’s Instagram page) has been making the rounds on social media, with many people being confused (and appalled) by the way the meal is presented.
It's got us asking, what’s wrong with a plate?

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The meal has people divided. One Instagrammer wrote, “How do I eat this? Do I get a plate to tip my bean mess onto? Or just a… spoon?”, while another captioned: “Ridiculous, it looks like a food waste bin.”
Others love the idea. “This is actually amazing," an Instagram user commented. "The option of take away but with a recyclable jar. Zero packaging into landfill. More places should be doing this.”

Munchies founder, Jordan Wentzel, is defending his jar foods and hasn’t been particularly phased by the backlash. In fact, the Munchies Instagram page recently posted a new photo – this time with a (surely soggy) toastie in a jar.
The post captioned: “Here’s this week’s toastie special ‘the Twitter troll’ served in a jar and on a wooden board.” At least he has a good sense of humour about it.
“It’s convenience, so customers are able to take it away — and also, who said food has to be served on plates?,” Wentzel told Mirror Online.

This isn’t the only café meal served in an unusual way. With so many eateries trying to one-up their competitors by making Instagrammable food, many dishes are coming out as ‘deconstructed’ or plate-free.
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