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Perfect boiled eggs every time

Question: I have tried numerous different ways to boil eggs, but each time the yolk is either too hard or the white is undercooked, and it is not until you cut open the egg that you know! Please can you tell me how I should boil eggs to achieve a nice runny yolk to dip soldiers in? Sarah Niedermeyer, Palmerston, NT.
Answer: As always with eggs, fresh and preferably free-range is best. To perfectly soft-boil eggs, allow them to come to room temperature to reduce the risk of cracking.
Choose a saucepan to suit the number of eggs you are boiling – the eggs need room to move around. Add enough hot tap water to cover the eggs and then stir over a high heat until the water boils, to centralise the yolks. Boil, uncovered, for 2 minutes for soft-boiled or 4 minutes for a slightly firmer yolk.
Remove the eggs and run under cold water for 1 minute. Tap the pointed end with a sharp knife to take off the top.

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