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Meet John Jarratt's ex-wives, including the woman he married twice!

And now Jarratt says he's married to "the love of my life".

By Rebecca Sullivan
Aussie actor John Jarratt has sadly become as famous for his colourful personal life as he has for his iconic onscreen roles.
After being accused of rape by a former female housemate he lived with in Sydney in 1976, the 66-year-old Wolf Creek star was charged and hauled before the courts this year, with a jury eventually finding him not guilty.
During his trial, the woman, whose identity remains anonymous, told the court she was woken about 3am by Jarratt ripping off her bed covers and underwear before he pinned her down, covered her mouth with his hand and raped her.
The woman went to police in late 2017 with the claims and explained that she didn't report the alleged incident to police earlier because she feared no one would believe her.
Jarratt has always denied the accusations and claimed he is innocent.
John Jarratt pictured outside court in July. Getty
Speaking after the not-guilty verdict was handed down in July, Jarratt said: "No man should have to go through what I have gone through."
The woman who stood beside him outside court, wife Rosa Miano, has been in his life for years, but the pair have an unusual romantic history, having been married twice.
Jarratt has been married four times, to three different women, and here's everything you need to know about the women in his life.

Rosa Miano

Rosa and John Jarratt pictured in November 2017, just a few months after they were married for a second time. Getty
Jarratt and Rosa first got married in the 1970s and they have two children, Zadia and Ebony.
It was in 1976, when the couple were living together with their female housemate, that Jarratt claims he had consensual sex with the woman who would later accuse him of rape, and that they actually slept together while his wife Rosa was in the next room.
"One thing led to another. It was a form of seduction from her that I reacted to," Jarratt said in court.
But the woman maintains the sex wasn't consensual and that she was raped.
Jarratt claims the affair led him to confess his infidelity to his wife, seven years after it happened.
"[He said] he was remorseful and it was the first time there was any infidelity between us," Rosa told the court.
"He didn't go into too much detail, it was too painful."
Jarratt and Rosa pictured outside court in July. AAP
After Rosa and Jarratt separated, the woman actually called Rosa in 1990 and told her about what happened.
"I wanted her to feel better about the fact that she'd left him, and I wanted her to know," the woman told the court via video link.
But Rosa didn't believe her.
It was this lack of belief that the woman says prevented her from reporting her case to police for decades.
Rosa says she has not had any contact with the woman since that phone call.
"I can't remember how the conversation ended, but I just know how I felt … after that point I felt that I wouldn't be able to have any other contact with her," she said in court.

Noni Hazelhurst

The former couple hosted Better Homes And Gardens together. Supplied
Former Play School host and acclaimed actress Noni Hazlehurst was married to Jarratt for a decade, from 1987-1997 and they have two sons together, Charlie and William.
The duo also hosted the lifestyle program Better Homes And Gardens together, which only made their eventual split even more public.
Noni is famously very private when it comes to her personal life and hasn't spoken much about her relationship with Jarratt, except to say that their similar professions cause them to clash.
"When I was 35, I married John and we had two beautiful boys," Noni told Sunday Life in 2015.
"We did Better Homes And Gardens together for five years, which was based around our family life. But ultimately, two actors together wasn't the greatest combination and sadly we split up, but with the beautiful legacy of our sons."
Noni Hazlehurst and John Jarratt pictured during their romance in the 1990s. Supplied
But despite their differences, the former couple sat next to each other at the wedding of their eldest son Charlie in January, according to pictures posted on social media.
Noni has not publicly commented on Jarratt's recent court battles.
As for Jarratt, he says the couple just grew in different directions.
"It went well. We had a great relationship. And just like every other relationship that falls apart, we grew in different directions and the differences became too much to sustain happiness," he told Australian Story in 2005.
"So, like most marriages, it ran out of time and we moved on."

Cody Jarratt

Jarratt with his third wife Cody Jarratt pictured at a film premiere in 2008. Getty
Several years after splitting with Noni, Jarratt married his third wife Cody Jarratt, a producer on Better Homes and Gardens.
The couple have two boys, Jackson and Riley.
"I first met John at the end of 1994, when I was working as a segment producer on Better Homes and Gardens," Cody told Australian Story in 2005.
"We sort of came together to work on projects and over, I guess, a series of months then it just evolved into something else."
Jarratt says he was hesitant to jump into a new relationship, but the pair couldn't help falling in love.
"In the beginning I said, 'Look, I don't want to have another relationship as long as I live. I've had two failed marriages and I'm obviously not good at this. So, no, I'm not interested in this, thank you. Let's move on.' And, but, ah, it just grew out of a friendship. Then we fell madly in love eventually."
Cody admits that the couple's relationship wasn't always easy.
"Getting involved with John was always going to be a can of worms," she said.
"I guess it's that thing, you know, people say, 'Oh, they carry so much baggage with them.' For me, I feel like I kind of came into the relationship wit a carry-on bag, whereas he's got all the luggage that's excess baggage, because I didn't have that much bad stuff that had gone on for me, beforehand."
The couple eventually split in 2011.
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Then Jarratt got back with Rosa

Rosa supported her husband during the trial and was also called upon to give evidence. AAP
27 years since they split, Rosa and Jarratt rekindled their romance, with the actor declaring that he "never fell out of love" with his first wife.
They tied the knot again in 2017 and have been together ever since, with Rosa standing by her man during his court battles this year, and also giving evidence in the trial.
Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O in 2017, Jarratt left the radio hosts stunned when asked if he had been married three times.
"No, four," Jarratt replied. 'I'm married to my first wife ... she's also my fourth wife."
"Ohh, so you fell back in love with the first wife?" Kyle asked.
"I never fell out of love with her," Jarratt replied, adding: "[I didn't fall out of love with her] She fell out of love with me."
The actor revealed it was a health scare that reunited the couple.
"We got back together when she had a bit of a health scare ... we were platonic friends by that stage, and I helped her out.
"She was single and I was single and I thought, well OK, so I took a hand in it [helping her out and trying to rekindle] and it worked out."
And Jarratt proudly declared that Rosa is "the love of my life."