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The top Google searches for Australians in 2018

It's been a big year for Meghan Markle, that's for sure!

By Alex Lilly
Is anyone else still reeling from the fact that 2018 is nearly done and dusted?
We've welcomed yet another Prime Minister, watched the incredible Thai cave rescue, rediscovered our love of Queen and Freddie Mercury and thanks to a certain American actress joining the royal family this year, a lot of what we Googled was all about the royals.
The good folks at Google have summed up the top stories, people and trends us Aussies were Googling in 2018. And we doubt you'll be that surprised.
It's been a big year for you Megs! (Image: Getty Images)
Unsurprisingly, the number one news event of 2018 was the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
An estimated 1.9 billion tuned in around the world to watch the red-headed royal and former Suits star exchange vows at St George's Chapel, Windsor in May and everyone wanted to know everything from the dress designer to the A-list attendees and even the royal reception.
Runner-up for the most searched news event was the Thai cave rescue. Back in June, 12 members of a youth soccer team plus their coach were extracted from a cave in northern Thailand that had partially flooded with a team of around 10,000 people aiding in the rescue.
Other events including the Wentworth by-election and California fires were in the top 10, and even listeria made the cut after certain frozen vegetables were recalled when traces of the potentially deadly bacteria were found.
Dr Kerryn Phelps stormed to victory at the Wentworth by-elections. (Image: AAP)

The top 10 most searched news events of 2018

As for the people of 2018, there was one lady who well and truly ruled the roost.
Whether you call her Meghan Markle or the Duchess of Sussex, the royal newlywed and mum-to-be took the top spot for the most searched global figure of 2018. And after a royal wedding, a pregnancy announcement, a royal tour and the fact that she's the first American to marry into the monarchy since Wallis Simpson, you can bet people are talking about her.
In fact, Megs was also the number three most Googled topic overall falling behind the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games.
WATCH: Meghan Markle arrives at the royal wedding. Post continues after video...
The other celebrities on the list included Demi Lovato who tragically relapsed and was rushed to hospital after suffering a drug overdose and late Queen front man Freddie Mercury who came back into our lives following the release of the blockbuster hit, Bohemian Rhapsody.
Of course it wouldn't be a celebrity list without a Kardashian in there, and Khloe was Australia's favourite for 2018. The reality star not only gave birth to her first child, True, but was also at the centre of a cheating scandal when it was revealed that her partner Tristan Thompson (who also made the list) was unfaithful to her while she was pregnant.

The top 10 most searched global figures of the year

Bringing things closer to home, it was all about our politicians this year, and not necessarily for their policies.
Barnaby Joyce took the top spot after he welcomed his son Sebastian in April with partner Vikki Campion. The former deputy PM was a married father-of-four when he had an affair with his former-employee Vikki Campion, 17 years his junior, and after photographs emerged in February of the Barna-baby bump, the media went into meltdown.
Vikki also secured a spot in the top 10 at number six.
In second place was our newest Prime Minister Scott Morrison who took over from Malcolm Turnbull in yet another leadership spill closely followed by Peter Dutton in third place who was another possibility for PM.
Breaking up the politicians was this year's Bachelor and former Wallaby Nick Cummins who famously walked away single during this year's finale.
Former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce and his partner Vikki Campion were one of the hottest Aussie topics of 2018. (Image: Sunday Night)
Controversial Bachelor Nick Cummins also made the list. (Image: Network Ten)

The top 10 most Googled Aussies of 2018