Want a promotion? Dress like Margaret Thatcher

Why you should channel your inner Iron Lady to get ahead.
Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep

IT has been more than 20 years since Margaret Thatcher resigned as British Prime Minister, but she is still influencing women around the world.

A new study has found that nearly 60 percent of women are emulating the Iron Lady and becoming more masculine in order to get ahead in the workplace.

Margaret famously minimised her feminine traits, having elocution lessons to make her voice deeper, wearing longer skirts and giving up her beloved hats.

Margaret’s masculine image is credited with her meteoric rise to the office of Prime Minister and her early success as leader.

Now, a survey by One Poll has found that modern women are adopting Margaret’s strategy to help further their careers.

More than half of female British employees admitted to dressing more conservatively and speaking in a deeper voice to get ahead in the office.

One Poll CEO David Saul credits Meryl Streep — who plays Margaret in new film The Iron Lady — for bringing Thatcherism back to the modern workplace.

“As the first major female leader of our times, it’s not completely unexpected that today’s women should want to emulate her in various ways,” he told the UK’s Daily Mail.

“Whilst it is still widely reported that women still have some way to go in terms of boardroom equality, evidence suggests they are well on their way to the dizzy heights of ‘Thatcherdom’ once again.”

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