Amazon officially launches in Australia! But does it live up the hype?

It looks like retailers may be able to breath a sigh of relief.

Online shopping giant Amazon has FINALLY launched in Australia today, after experts predict multiple false starts, including the rumour it would be shoppable by the 24th of November for Black Friday sales.

So what’s it like?

So far, people are not impressed.

Australian Technology journalist, Chris Griffith today tweeted:

“Just placed my first Amazon Australia order. Things aren’t necessarily cheap and you’re temped to buy $50 worth to get free delivery. Also watch those 3rd party delivery costs.”

Another technology journalist, Jen Dudley was equally disappointed with the current offerings, sharing:

“This is my issue with #AmazonAustralia so far: same seller, higher price listed on Amazon.”

In fact, almost every review of the store says something similar.

If things remain the same, looks like other retailers don’t have anything to worry about.

What will Amazon Australia be selling?

The online shopping juggernaut was promoted to offer “millions of products,” and while that may not be the case just yet, there is room for the platform to grow post-launch.

On the site, you can expect to see categories like fashion, electronics, homewares, wellness and self-care, tools and toys – just to name a few. While each section may look a little sparse at the moment, the product ranges are predicted to flesh out as the site grows.

No word on same day delivery in Australia yet, an element which makes the site so successful in the United States.

As well as 30% off selected Toys and Fashion brands, Amazon is offering free ­delivery on orders above $49 and an average of three- seven days in major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and major ­regional areas of Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

How does Amazon work?

Amazon Australia CEO Roco Braeuniger said the site would look and function more like eBay – and not that impressive eBay of yesteryear, where you could nab a vintage designer dress for two bucks – more of the kind of confusing sales portal website eBay uses today.

Another set back is that retailers who you shop through those sales portals will be responsible for their brand’s product delivery until the site is better set up, which could mean a lot of confusion and mix-ups in the early days.

So will Amazon Australia be the answer to big savings for Christmas?

While no one can no for sure at this stage, we’re going to hazard a guess and say it will probably be more likely rock your world for Christmas 2018.

The US Amazon website

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